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I only just became aware of the new Oliver Stone movie, W. It's a biopic about Dubya, and if the trailer is any kind of measure, it looks like it will at least be entertaining. Probably not informative, probably not insightful. I can't see it changing anyone's opinion one way or the other. But it will at least be . . . fun. I'm no Oliver Stone fan. I never even got through his other biopics before turning off the TV in disgust. But I'm giving this one a fair shot. I want to like it.

But it does raise an important point. We, in case you weren't aware, love Bush Bashing. Getting in a few good whacks at George's intelligence, military service, foreign policy, or administration is as therapeutic as anything else, and even makes you feel a little better than that oh-so lovable Commander-in-Chief of ours. It's turned into a national pastime over the past few years.

Here's the problem with that: We, as a nation, aren't learning anything. You would think over the years we would have picked apart this man's administration, unearthed the secrets, listened and read the words these people have said and take cautionary steps to ensure this will never happen again. But we aren't. Eight years in and we still refuse to embrace the disturbing facts emerging everyday about the entire Bush administration. Politicians have to play the "good-ole-boy" role. Can't be too elitist, can't be too smart. Gotta play to the masses, ya know.

People, we've been down this road before. We already elected the guy we want to have a beer with. And look at where we ended up. Two wars and trillions of dollars deep, and yet we still cast a wary eye on anyone who uses words too big. I know a lot of people I would love to invite to the BBQ for some beer and hot dogs, but that doesn't mean they should be running the country. That doesn't mean they should be running a gas station. That doesn't mean anything. Intelligence is a good thing. Are we really so vain that our leaders have to reflect exactly who we are? There is a reason they are up there. They are, in fact, more intelligent, more saavy, more. . . whatever than you . And that is a good thing. That is what you want in a leader. Someone capable of leading, not being lead by his administration.

We need to step back for a minute, people. We need to admit the past 8 years were a horrible mistake, and take the necessary steps to fix it. How about we start in, say, a little over a month. We can take the first step together. We can vote for the candidate who seems the smartest, most capable, most likely to lead our country out of the fog. Take a deep breath. We can do this. Don't worry -- you'll still be a good American.


Phill said...

Alright you. Oliver Stone huh? 6 words: "Born on the Fourth of July".
Yep. Do somethin'.

But yeah, the rest of his filmography is pretty much shit. However, the cast for "W." looks pretty awesome, and come on, Richard Dreyfuss plays Cheney. Awesome. I'm seeing it.

As for the more important point of your blog entry:
You know what? I just deleted 5 paragraphs of a response, because it wasn't going anywhere. But basically I just agree with you whole-heartedly, people don't care, and the people pulling the strings LOVE THAT. I'm visiting my mom in Buda, and she turned on a "The Cosby Show" marathon, and I couldn't stay mad/pumped after that was on for more than 5 minutes. And don't go blabbing that around, the people who pull the strings will just make Bill Cosby become BIG BROTHER and we'll all be happily assigned numbers instead of names. Ahhh, the future!

Oh, and final thought we could make voting mandatory, but then I had a better idea, we could announce that 1 in 100 voters will win a plasma screen and Tivo service for the next 4 years. 100% turnout. long as they can Tivo "The Hills".

Well, just thinking about "The Hills" and it's success made my hand clench into a fist again, so I'm done. Back to Theo getting reamed over an ear piercing.

Keep up the good work.

Bridey said...

That's brilliant! MTV could run commercials for it, and then have a special one-hour event hosted by Lauren and Heidi. Cause if Lauren Conrad says it's cool, then geez -- how can you NOT love it?

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